I wanted to direct you to my website, as I think it covers my many interests pretty well. I have a background in media (a degree in communications, paired with decades of experience in digital marketing, television research and sales) and a love of both wine and hard rock music. I suspect there are not many people out there who have an advanced wine certification as well as an online hard rock and metal podcast.

At Benson Marketing Group, a boutique marketing and PR agency, I managed multiple projects company wide.  Focusing entirely on digital projects I managed website development in HTML, Drupal and WordPress, created and executed email marketing programs for multiple clients, spearheaded social media campaigns and created monthly reports for clients. In this capacity I was the primary contact for numerous clients as well as outside vendors.

As a member of both USA and ESPN’s research teams I supported both domestic and international sales forces and managed company-wide projects from start to finish, with a working knowledge of many different research software products. From creating reports and forecasting ratings estimates to software project management I have a thorough understanding of the entire sales process.

This combination of digital marketing, research and account management experience makes me an ideal candidate for your company.  I am confident that I would be a great addition to your team.

Thanks for following the link, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!



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