OTBN 2011

For those of you who are saying to yourselves “what the heck does OTBN stand for?”, here it is.  Even though the couple that started the idea are no longer writing for the WSJ the tradition still lives on.

Because of people’s schedules we decided to celebrate it a week early. I invited a friend over who really helped me learn to love wine, and we cracked open two bottles. Mine was the 2001 Bordeaux – it was young and vibrant and a lovely pairing with the mushroom risotto I made. The bottle was important to me because it was the very first payment I ever received working in the industry… I helped a gentleman administer a survey about Bordeaux to people for a few hours and when he said he could pay me in cash or wine I decided to go with the wine, and this is what he gave me. It could’ve aged for a lot longer, that’s for sure, but the whole thing about OTBN is that life is too short to always save things for a big special occasion… sometimes we need to make our own special occasions.

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