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Happy 65th birthday Freddie!

Via Google Doodles…

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Jani Lane

May you find peace….

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New Night Ranger

I just got my copy of the new Night Ranger album “Somewhere in California”… but my copy doesn’t have this bonus track. I think they do a great job with it:

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A few Father’s Day thoughts

I just got back from seeing my father-in-law Gene, who is all sorts of awesome, but no replacement for my own father. A few things I remember about Big Ben (what some folks called my dad… when he wasn’t in … Continue reading

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From the shadow of the 14th row…

So, Apple just registered a patent which has the potential to block concert goers from recording live shows with their cell phones. Fascinating. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a big barn concert stadium so I have not … Continue reading

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Here’s some wine I will never buy

Great… I know liquor is often packaged in bottles that “women like” (a rep once told me that the Nuvo bottle is intentionally shaped like a lipstick and is tinted pink to appeal to women), but now we have wine … Continue reading

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Work Update

One project finished and invoiced, and tomorrow a new contract begins. Looking forward to the new challenge! Oh, and we have a single lovely long green bean on the backyard plant. Anyone got a recipe that calls for one green … Continue reading

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Golden Gods 2011

What did I learn by watching the VH1 broadcast of this awards show? I learned about Volbeat. Catchy as all hell – this one is more pop, but some of their stuff really slams. I’ll certainly be listening to more … Continue reading

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May 25 is sure busy!

Let me get this straight… today, May 25, 2011 is: National Wine Day Towel Day Geek Pride Day Glorious 25th of May and probably a few other things I’ve missed. I think I’ll celebrate later with my lavender colored Star … Continue reading

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On keywords and their shortcomings

On my Google News page I have some customized sections – one of them for wine news. The #1 story there right now? A story named “A Case of Sour Grapes” about how some conservatives are reacting to the President … Continue reading

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