Power Ballad Syndrome

We all know about Lead Singer’s Disease, but I think there is a related illness that we need to explore: Power Ballad Syndrome.

We all know what it is… a band has that one smash hit that exposed them to the Top 40 listening audience but that hit was an aberration of their style rather than representative. Night Ranger and Sister Christian. Queensryche and Silent Lucidity. Mr. Big and To Be With You. Extreme and More Than Words. The list goes on.

Just like actors who can be typecast, these bands can be pigeonholed and it’s a real shame. That’s one of the reasons I started doing my radio show – not only to let people know about great bands, but to shine a light on some that have been ill represented.

Those hits are both a blessing and a curse. I’m pretty sure people went out to buy Queensryche’s Empire album after hearing Silent Lucidity and some were sorely disappointed that the whole thing was not like that (whereas I was thrilled).

What’s your favorite band that fell prey to Power Ballad Syndrome?

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